More Thoughts More Motifs

My relationship with palm trees have been another story,,, it takes me back to my childhood and to my adulthood as well,, it relates to my home land Qatar as well as were my soul is longing to be in LA. its indescribable how palm trees brings so much joy and hope in me its like me reaching out to the skies each and every time I look at it. The moon is another motif that I love to reference all the time either directly or indirectly of the form of a circle.. the moon for me represents continuous circle of love where we give and take, loose and gain all in one smooth circle.

here I kept journaling but this time my words are readable and if the viewer can read arabic he would understand what I am saying while if they don’t they can’t relate to the words written and its meaning and it would be more of an extinction to my previous work of non readable journaling thoughts ..

I am still trying to see which way I am more going towards, text that can be read and has meaning or more of the shape of the words where no one would know what emotions went in the art work but me.

IMG_0555IMG_0556IMG_0557 2IMG_0558IMG_0559IMG_0560IMG_0561IMG_0573IMG_0574IMG_0575


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