Inner Thoughts & Personal Motifs

As a continuation to my previous work “maze of thoughts”, I wanted to give the work more dimensions than text as well I wanted to make it related to my original style where I love to mix photography with digital drawings and text.

Here I kept experimenting on writing my daily journal as a form of text in my art work instead of keeping it in my notebook morning pages. however this time I added the illustrations of some elements that I can call them my personal motifs such as palm trees, moon, sun, hands & animals. those motifs are random images that I come across online and I like to archive, and here I illustrated on top of them but with my style where I don’t like straight clean lines as I feel for me it takes away the feelings I carry while creating the art work itself. My color palette is bold and fiery somehow…

I usually like to save the art work in different phases where I feel the variations makes the work somehow more interesting.

I still consider this type of work needs more depth where it can distinguish my style as an artist.


IMG_0519IMG_0518IMG_0517IMG_0516IMG_0515IMG_0514IMG_0520IMG_0521IMG_0522IMG_0523IMG_0524IMG_0525IMG_0526IMG_0528IMG_0530IMG_0531IMG_0532IMG_0533IMG_0532 2IMG_0537IMG_0538IMG_0539IMG_0545IMG_0546IMG_0547IMG_0548

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