Continues Experimentation

In my last tutorial with JK before the break, I shared with him my latest work that I posted earlier as well as the below works. in the below works I continued experimenting on illustrating over photographs. This time I choose the subject of hands and its symbolism of connection, hope, and love. I later combined it with the moon and my journaling text over it.

IMG_0584IMG_0583 3IMG_0586

JK recommendation was is for me to keep experimenting on the same technique but to try to keep some of the original photo details with lower opacity. He recommended as well to try to mix hand written journals on papers with the illustration.

Here I tried to implment JK feedback, didn’t try to add written scanned text yet. but you can see the original image with low obesity.


I like the depth this layering is adding to the work and how we can still get a feel of the real photograph, but I do believe there is still a window for me to do it in a better way which I will keep experminting on which might give the work more sense of originatly and artistic feel.

Here you can see some other works I have done in the usual way without showing any parts of the original photo.

IMG_0598 2IMG_0599

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