Last week I had the chance to participate in short term live public art installation with visiting artist and resident to Fire Station Johanna Boccardo in Zekreet area by Richard Serra’s ‘East-West’.

During this trip in collaboration with the artist Johanna we had the chance to do the following:

Live Art Performance

in this performance the visiting artist wanted to create a chromatic art experience next to Richard Serra’s work on Zekreet. It was more of playing with color/shadows/&movement and seeing how the human experience can add to this art performance.

Color Flag Short Installation

Towards the end of the art performance, the color sheets started to break down into flags due to the windy weather, where Johanna started to think this might be a great opportunity to experiment a short art installation of the colored flags

Color Tape Art Short Installation

This installation is one of Johanna’s signature styles where she highlights plain and overlooked spots and structures around the globe.

She started off as an exploration using color media beyond the studio walls, and became a new form of street art she referred to as tapebombing, which consists of applying colored tapes to mundane objects that may otherwise go unnoticed in everyday life.

Here we got the chance to experiment with Johanna this tapebombing in Zekreet, where we first outlined the ground with stones and then started to tie the color tapes on it. Each one of us had the freedom to take the art work shape to the direction he feels would work best.




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