Color Blocking

I have been trying to experiment different illustration techniques as part of my research and trials. Here I tried to create a new series where I used more than one photographic image and turned it into one set of illustrations using the color blocking technique. Removing a lot of the details depending on the shape of the element only and the idea that these detail free shapes convey.


You Are The Sun & The Moon

in this set of illustrations I combined different elements, where the sun and the moon represents the full potential each and everyone of us carry within since we were born. its just a matter of remembering and elevating our consciousness to a higher vibration where we can remember who we truly are.


Break The Judgement

In the following set of illustrations, I used the ancient Romanian court pillars to represent judgment. This set is a shout out to all human beings to break their inner judge on themselves and on others and break all the ideas that have been imprinted in us for generations and doesn’t serve the true purpose of our existence on earth. We all are love beings who deserve to dance all our judgment away and live in peace and love.


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