For the past couple of months we have been working on our research paper. I had 3 tutorial sessions 1 with Jonathan and 2 with Gareth and I must admit that specially the first two tutorials helped me a lot on deciding which direction I will be going with my paper and most importantly which Question I will be discussing.

I had different ideas in mind and wasn’t sure which direction to take some of the ideas I was interested in researching were :

  • Photography as art
  • Digital art and fashion
  • Social media as platform for showcasing digital art
  • Digital art biography
  • The shift from fine art to conceptual art looking at John Baldessari work
  • How powerful is the use of words/Language in Art, looking at BARBARA KRUGE

So after taking my first tutorial with Jonathan he helped me to decide which topic I will go as well as reshaping the question and giving it more depth and clarity which really helped so far making my research easier and more fun. So I decided to discuss and compare the use of word and abstract painting over photographic images in art. Barbra Kruger’s and Gerhard Richter practices were selected as the case study for this paper in order to find out which method is more effective on the viewer perception in reading the image.

What really interests me about this question that in someway it really reflects on my digital art practice as I always have been fascinated in using words and shapes over my photographic images and researching on this will really help to find more on which direction I will be interested to focus more in my practice in a way that is related to the massage that I am trying to convey to my audience.

In my 2nd and 3rd tutorials with Gareth he really helped me with my resources for this paper which to be honest have been talking the majority of my time in writing this paper, looking for references and reading related books and articles have been mind opening for me through this experience.

Now almost 2 weeks away from the research paper submission deadline I am hoping that the overall result would be as interesting as the process of researching it and writing it was.

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