Final Show Setup Day3

Today was the third and last day of installation !

I had 3 tasks left to complete !


1- First I added more text on some of the prints using acrylic pens! I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not, but at the end I felt like adding that touch would give more life to the prints and texture!



2- The second task was to build a wooden box to cover the projector and secure the wires. Ofcourse Jonathan had to teach me and help me through building it since its my first time ever doing such a thing! it turned out to be fun and easier than what I thought!


3- The final task was the most hard to decide on! since day one I had the idea of adding a tape on the top of the two walls that had the words (I, me, mine, myself) with vibrant orange and pink color, however I wasn’t sure if that would add to the entire work or would ruin it! at the end I decided I ll go with it and Iris was there to help!! I am totally satisfied with the result and I feel it added the final missing touch to the entire work!


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