Final Show Setup Day 1

It was really exciting to finally make it at the show space! and see the alocated space for me to show my work and have a better visual about it! and of course meeting all of my collegues

in person!!


The first thing I had to get started with was testing the videos on the projector! Jonathan had two options of projectors one of them would give brighter results + it would give a wider angle from a shorter distance the reason it made it our go to option!

The next challenge with the projector was to decide on the best way to get the videoes connected to it! unfortunatly the video couldn’t be played on the internal memory of the projector through a USB, we tried to change the video format many times, but still it wasn’t recognized. The second option was to use a media player which worked perfectly, the only down side to it was that the HDMI cable would get loose easily.


Next was to decide how to project the video! which angle and size to use, and after couple of trials to project on the corner of the wall so the video would split on both sides was the perfect option! it gave it a more interesting outcome.


Then I started to place the prints with temporary tape to see how I want it to look like. I placed the prints on the top of the video corners in two walls in random way.



The third wall opposite of my two show walls had some tape still on it from the previous show, Iris did an amazing job helping me remove the tape and repaint the wall with white.



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