So I have been thinking for a while how I will print the art works, therefore I did some experments at home printing different options, because the plan was once I arrive at London I will print it all in the university Library.

IMG_5477 2

After doing the sample prints I felt that my prints should go full color for sure, I started exploring of the possibility of digital printing with low-cost in Qatar, which wasn’t easy to find be at the end I managed to find a place that will print it for me for good price. I did sample prints on Matt and gloss papers 300gm.


I really liked the quality of it and decided to go with the Matt finish which actually there was no real difference between them.

My next challenge was choosing the final prints, and the thing I have many print designs but the colors I felt won’t go visually well with each other and with the videos at the end. So I decided to play with my previous works colors setup and try to harmonies the end result.


After changing the colors setup, I had to choose which work should go to print. So I choose 25 different art works, printed 2 copies each in A3 and 2 copies each in A4 to have a total of 100 prints.


I was really happy with final prints quality where the colors were really vibrant and pretty and the thickness of the paper was perfect.

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