playing with videos recently made me want to give a try to using the same edit techniques I used with the videos but this time with still images. So I played with number of my personal photos with my friend which holds a lot of memories and it felt like I was traveling back in time while looking at it. So I started playing around with each single image by its on. below are single images.

IMG_5418IMG_5417IMG_5420IMG_5419IMG_5421 2IMG_5422IMG_5423 2IMG_5424 2



After working for sometime on each image, I felt that there is still something missing! maybe by adding all of these images together I can create something new with more depth to it. so I added the images to one frame and then I did what I love the most! adding text ! I added large text in the middle at the same time I created random shapes using the letter A.


here we are


Then I still felt the work can take more into it! so I started drawing small motifs and write on top of it with my hand writing but digitally.

IMG_0633 2

Being honest here ! I felt so related to this work! because it has so much layers and meanings and even the direct or the hidden massages gave it more of an exciting element to it where you want to know more what’s going on here, yet it still represent the style I have been doing for a while but with a new twist to it.

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