Tutorial With JK


Today i had my tutorial with JK, which i believe went really well! got some really good feedback, inputs and suggestions for the final show, which made things clearer and kind of i know where i am moving towards now!

JK liked my video experiments which i really enjoyed doing and encouraged me to create more and consider to include it in my final show project.. i always wanted to create something with movement and step away from the printed work only.. i guess now i have a lot of experiments to do and alot of new videos to enjoy creating!

After discussing with JK how the final show project might look like “he helped by sharing the following sketches below” it was easier for me to write down my requirements in the wiki page which i will share here as well. I am glad that JK ideas were a continuation to what i had in mind which made me feel that finally i can say i am moving toward the right direction with my work.

As i mentioned to JK i dont look to my art work as a separate single frame work by itself rather i look at it as a form of integrated emotions that are reflected in many different forms.. and by the idea of having simple A3 and A4 digital prints of most of my work and mount them all together on one wall i feel that represents more of what i am trying to share with everyone. where every single piece of work represents a small fraction of the whole and the whole is just a reflection of the human pattern of thoughts, emotions, observations and judgment.

Final Show Requirements:

wall space to mount on different layers of A4 & A3 prints not less than 20/30 prints can do more even up to 100 or 200 (to be decided during the installation according to the space avilable) those prints will be printed at the printing services available at the library.Projector and maybe a stand for it to be projected on the wall on top of the printed art works. The projector will be used to project multiple colorful short videos were a dark room would be preferred yet with some dim light where the prints can be visible as well.


I will be sharing soon number of different artists previous works that I have been researching for a while, which I can say similar feels to what I am aiming to achieve but with a different take to it.

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