Couple of weeks ago I visited GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN exhibition at Somerset House. The exhibition brings together Charles M. Schulz original Peanuts cartoons with work from a wide range of acclaimed contemporary artists and designers who have been inspired by this highly influential and much-loved cartoon. Unique in its enduring appeal, this exhibition explores Peanuts’ renewed agency in contemporary culture and society.

I loved the exhibition as a whole, but what really grasped my attention was the last part of it where the audience got a chance to be part of the exhibition experience through different interactive activities. A light box station was available with different ready illustrations projected on it, and the visitors get to grab a piece of paper and a pen and start illustrating on it. Later the visitor can write his own big life question just like Charlie Brown way of asking big life questions. All those questions later to be shared on the wall of questions. This installation done by artist Marcus Coates.



This interactive art work made me think of experimenting a smilier experince but with a different approach. I am thinking of having copies of my digital art work that evolves around my subject of judgment, where the viewers can write their own take about judgment/or their way back to love  on it then share on an installation piece or a wall or another idea that I need to come up with.

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