When I first submitted my study plan to join MA Fine Art digital, I proposed to use art as a tool to explore Qatar specifically, the region generally and its social characteristics. At that point, the themes I was interested in were language, food, fashion and travelling. I was aiming to investigate the role that social media plays in setting trends and making people try new things they have never tried before. The focus of my study was how social media is in control of shaping and influencing a lot of social trends. Being a conservative society which is keen on maintaining traditions juxtaposed with this accessibility was the main area of my study.


However, things have changed in my country since 5th of June 2017. Three of the GCC countries got the entire Qatari nation by surprise by announcing that they are cutting all diplomatic relations with us and starting a blockade on Qatar. Since then, Qatar and the Qatari people changed on so many levels. Surprisingly, this blockade made people closer as a community and strengthened the ties between the people and the government in Qatar. Despite all the expectations that Qatar will suffer on the social and economic levels, it raised the sense of pride and belonging amongst us.


For so many years all GCC countries including Qatar were close and looked at as one unit. However, this blockade created a chain of hateful and judgmental statements on media and social media between the 3 GCC countries and Qatar which contradicted past relationships.


In parallel to these political issues, I have been going through a huge change in my life  spiritually. In addition, this political crisis and blockade that my country is still going through made me realize that my mission as an artist is changing. The focus of my work shifted from concentrating on social media and its impact on our community in terms of travel, food and fashion. Now, I am exploring the power of art  and the impact it could possibly have to influence societies and bring them back to love.


Therefore, I decided to change my study plan from its previous topic and choose the subject “Judgment of others & of self, and the way through to return to love.”

My main aim is to shift the audience energetic vibration from fear and judgment to the vibration of love, since one single person energetic shift has the power to create a ripple effect across the globe.

Honesty and authenticity throughout this project is a main key for me to reach my ultimate goal. We all struggle daily from judgment, either we are judging ourselves or judging others on their political views, sense of style, way of behaviors and many things that we might think are minor or silly. No matter how kind, spiritual or compassionate we are we keep judging all the time. At the beginning, we might feel good or better than others when we start judging them but at the end of it we feel bad, isolated and we lose the sense of belonging.

Throughout this project I would like to observe my own and others judgmental patterns, reasons behind it, and find the way through to return to our true nature which is love.

After changing my topic, I started experimenting my ideas by using also popular photos and adding my own touch of colors, lines and abstract shapes using Photoshop. However, now I am trying to hide all the details of the photo and keep the focus on the expression of the people in the photo. This allows the audience to examine their feelings toward the photo when its pulled out from its detailed features (style, body type etc.).

What I am interested in exploring next, is taking my own series of photos for different people and creating the same technique with it. But, I am still trying to decide on either taking random real photos of people on the streets? Or creating my own staged photoshoots?

Another thing I am still thinking and trying to figure out is that I always wanted to transfer my work from my laptop screen to the form of installations, for example Projected film in motion? Large scale printed canvas? Or printed over plastic? The challenge here is to decide on which path I should take? Or should I try more than one medium and then decide?

For my study project, I have been looking into the work of the German Artist Gerhard Richter who have been exploring in his art the borders between art and painting as part of my research.

Other research approaches I have been investigating my topic through are:


  • Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living A Better Life by Gabrielle Bernstein.
  • Conversations with god (1&2&3)



  • WILD by Jean-Marc Vallée
  • The Blind Side by John Lee Hancock

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