In this series I collected different images from fashion ads, in an attempt to experiment on creating abstracted shapes to hide the details of the human figure on those images.

A Take on Kalila Wa Demna

  Kalila wa Demna is a collection of didactic animal fables, with the jackals Kalila and Demna as two of the principal characters. The story cycle originated in India between 500

Color Blocking

I have been trying to experiment different illustration techniques as part of my research and trials. Here I tried to create a new series where I used more than one

Painted memories

Egypt always held a special place in my mom’s heart. Despite the blockade and Egypt’s political mess these days, her love for anything egyptian is still strong! Those are some


Inspired by Barbara Kruger and her use of bold text over images, I created these simple yet fashionable collages using Supreme’s (streetwear brand) famous logo. I printed these vintage Arabian